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Choose Deliansheng 4 major advantages
Has more than 10 years experience in furniture hardware industry
Founded in 2006, professional hardware mold manufacturing and hardware rushed - pressure-based enterprises, currently has 20 stamping equipment.
Can be tailored according to customer needs
According to customer standards to undertake 1,000 tons and below continuous mode. We have reason to believe that GTP Germany is your best partner.
Quality assurance delivery time is fast
Focus on every detail. Continue to absorb and use Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries advanced mold manufacturing technology and management system.
Intimate and efficient after-sales service system
We have a sound after-sales service system, we regularly visit new and old customers, listen to comments and suggestions.
Hot Products
Specializing in auto parts, household appliances, office and consumer electronics hardware die design. According to customer standards to undertake 1,000 tons and below the continuous mode, transmission mold and engineering model. Accumulated the rich rich stamping die design and processing experience, and formed its own perfect quality assurance system. Won the customer's trust and support. Part of the mold exported to the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries.
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